“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 

- Maya Angelou

Create High-End DIY Home Decor in 3 Simple Steps:





Creating with Chalk Couture is as easy as Place, Paste and Peel. Chalk Couture is a system of products that allows any skill level to create professional chalk board designs in the matter of minutes. Plus, your designs can be washed off and you can reuse the surface when you are ready to change up your home decor. WOW!!!! When using the Chalkology paste and silk screen transfers your creativity is limitless. You can create masterpieces on the Chalk Couture porcelain magnetic chalk boards or design on other surfaces like wood, glass, metal and even fabric. Create home decor masterpieces, gifts and more. 



With just a little practice and care, you can create polished Chalk Couture™ designs in minutes by using the following instructions.


PREP: For cut-apart Transfers, cut along trim lines before using. Label the Transfer backer with a marker for easy cleanup.


PEEL: Peel the Transfer off the backer in a straight motion (if you pull diagonally it may stretch the Transfer). Ensure adhesive side does not curl and touch. If it does stick to itself, try running the Transfer under cold water while slowly pulling it apart.


FUZZ: Before first use, particularly on glass, mirrors, windows, or other slick surfaces, “fuzz” the Transfer. To “fuzz,” lightly place the Transfer on the Fuzzing Cloth, terry cloth towel, or other cloth surface and remove several times to soften the Transfer adhesion, then apply the Transfer to the surface.


APPLY: Use Chalkology™ Paste or Chalkology™ Ink by spreading a thin, even layer over the design using a squeegee. Scrape excess off the Transfer and return it to the jar. Work quickly and do not allow paste or ink to dry before you peel the Transfer off the surface.


REMOVE: Slowly remove the Transfer from the surface. Do not pull diagonally on the Transfer or it may stretch. When removing the Transfer, check the color coverage. If there is uneven coverage, re-adhere Transfer and apply additional paste or ink before continuing. For layered projects allow to dry (or heat set) after each layer.

REUSE: Transfers are designed to to be reused between 8 to 12 times. Several factors affect the life of the Transfer—for example, how well you clean it, whether you reattach it to the backer, and the types of surfaces you use. Unwaxed surfaces or surfaces with fibers (fabrics, papers, glitter, raw wood) will also shorten the life of a Transfer

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