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ChalkMade Bloom Kit

Live life in full bloom this year! With Chalk Couture™, you can sing out of petunia all you want, especially when you’re creating flowery home décor. We’ve selected the perfect mix of flowers and greenery for a gorgeous spring look. 


ChalkMade Jr. Picture This Kit

Don’t let life pass by in a blur without making long-lasting memories. Handcraft and commemorate those special moments with your loved ones with our latest ChalkMade Jr. Kit. Display your favorite pictures and reminisce about your cherished moments with the final product of the project. 


ChalkMade Carrot Patch Kit

Keep calm and carrot on. Show off your garden style with a sweet chalkable box filled with stuffed carrots and pure sass. Chalk, stuff, and embellish the adorable whitewashed box and cotton canvas triangles. 


ChalkMade Lemon Garland Kit

When life gives you lemons, forget the lemonade. Instead, make a super sweet and sassy Chalk Couture™ garland to add some sour power to any space. With the adorable lemon-shaped surfaces, you’ll have everything you need for a bright, easy-peasy, lemon squeezy project.