“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”

- Oprah Winfrey


DIY Divas & Crafty Cuties


Chalk Couture is revolutionizing home decor and it’s shaking up the typical home based business and giving creatives and non creatives alike a platform. It’s products are nothing like anything else that’s on the market.

✅Transfers are reusable 8-12 times

✅Chalkology Chalk Paste dries hard to touch but wipes off with water when you are ready to change out your design.

✅ Build a business that works for you. Sell the products, teach workshops or sell your finished designs.

✅Plus, Chalk Couture has an AMAZING Compensation Plan and Designer Perks. 


Home Decor Influencers wanted


Are you a Girl that…

Has BIG Dreams and believes there is more than the 9-5. Wishes she could travel more + see the world but is limited by time and finances. Wants to feel like her home decor is IG worthy. Spends her fun money on home decor and crafty items.


The women that…..

Knows she is meant for more and has always been a hard-worker & self-starter. Wants to work from home but also wants a sense of purpose. Considers themselves a go getter and loves all things personal growth and mindset related. Loves a night out with friends but also a big fan of staying at home falling into a Pinterest hole. HGTV playing in the background a bonus!


The Babe that…

is consumed with the idea of living a life of freedom. Loves improving herself and growing. Thought she’d be further along than she is now and is tired of just floating through life. Dreams of being home with her babies so that she doesn’t have to miss a moment and give them the life off their dreams. She is ready for a LIFE MAKEOVER and to DREAM BIGGER.