Bathroom Shiplap

Just like the rest of the world I'm obsessed with the Farm House/Rustic design trend. For the longest I wanted to shiplap my downstairs guest bathroom. So, like any other millennial mom I immediately turned to Pinterest. After reading multiple posts and instructions I finally decided to go for it. I already had all of my tools on hand so the only things I needed to grab was the materials and paint. It took me two whole days to complete the project-all by myself. I'm super proud of the way it turned out. Granted it's not a professional looking job (there are a couple little "oops" spots) but for an amateur it turned out amazing.

One of my favorite spots is the shelves I added above the toilet. I created these bathroom etiquette signs a while ago but when I finally decided to decorate my bathroom I knew these signs would go perfectly.

Chalk Couture Bathroom Etiquette Signs

Now that I have conquered the bathroom which room should I decorate next? I'm thinking either my office or my bedroom.