DIY French Market Tote Bag

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas Drop Cloth

  • Rope

  • Stitch Witchery Adhesive Tape

Tools Needed:

  • Rotary Cutter and/or Scissors

  • Heat Press/ Iron

  • Ruler

Cut your fabric down to 24 inches wide by 32 inches long. Then fold your fabric in half lengthwise.

Starting at the top of your fabric fold it down 2 inches and use your adhesive to keep it in place. Make sure you have enough space for your rope to pass through. Flip it over and repeat the process.

Next, using your adhesive fuse the vertical sides of your fabric together.

Flip your bag inside out. The outside of your bag will now be visible.

Cut your rope into two 48 inch strips. Work your rope through the opening at the top of your bag. You‘re going to have to scrunch it through until it comes out the opening at the other end. To create one strap tie the end of the rope that you just worked though to the opposite end of that same rope. Repeat the process to create your second strap, tying your knot on the opposite end of the bag.

Voila! You have the perfect French Market Tote Bag. Take it to you local market and load it up!

You can also decorate your French Market Tote Bag like I did here. To watch the tutorial video on how I applied this design click here.