DIY Jumbo Tassel Garland

Nothing sparks joy like tassels! Even saying the name makes me smile. How about a jumbo tassel garland?


  • Multiple Colors of Yarn

  • 12 Inch piece of Cardboard

  • Mini Plastic Bands

  • Scissors

The first thing you want to do is wrap your yarn around the piece of cardboard 40-50 times. Each time you wrap make sure you are keeping it nice and tight. Also keep tack of how many times you wrap as you want all of your tassels to be the same size.

Next, slide the yarn off of the cardboard and cut each end of the loop.

Grab one of the strings of yarn and place it beneath the bunch of yarn. Tie a knot. Make sure that you have an even amount on each side.

Using one mini plastic band gather the yarn and slide the band about 1" down the tassel. Pick 2 strings to wrap around the band to cover it. Secure it withe a knot.

Bunch the yarn together and cut off any straggling pieces. You want it to be nice and even.

You can use the two loose strands to attach it to the garland.

For this design I decided to pair my jumbo tassel garland with a photo board I created for my daughters' bedroom. You can watch a tutorial video on how I created the photo board here using Chalk Couture.