DIY Vinyl Stickers

Last week the girls and I decided to make some fun vinyl stickers for our color changing tumblers (you guys know I LOVE a reusable cup). Best thing is that we didn’t need a Cricut or a vinyl cutting machine to create them.


  • “Dive into Sunshine Minis” Transfer*

  • Chalkology Inks*

  • Reusable Tumbler

  • 651 Vinyl


  • Scissors

  • Fuzzing Cloth*

  • Small Squeegee*

  • Heat Press or Iron

*Chalk Couture items can be purchased from my site by clicking here

First start by cutting down your transfer and setting aside the designs you would like to use. Next, you want to fuzz your transfer. Let me repeat that. FUZZ YOUR TRANSFER. Simply peel the transfer off of the backing and place the sticky side onto your fuzzing cloth (if you don’t have a fuzzing cloth you can substitute a towel). Repeat this process until your transfer is slightly tacky. Don’t worry when you are done and wash your transfer the adhesive will return.

Next, stick your transfer onto your vinyl. Apply your Chalkology Ink using your squeegee by smearing the ink over your design. Peel up the transfer and voila!

Use a blow dryer to make sure your design is completely dry. Cut out your design. Use your heat press or iron to set your design. Make sure you place a sheet of parchment paper between the vinyl sticker and the iron. If you are using a heat press set it to 310 degrees for 30 seconds or use a warm iron for 4 minutes.

All that you need to do next is peel your stickers off and apply them to your tumbler. These are permanent stickers so you can wash them and the designs will not come off.

Have fun! I would love to see what stickers you create.