Eco-Friendly gift wrap ideas using Chalk Couture

Last Christmas after all of the gifts were unwrapped I stood there looking at the mounds of wrapping paper and thought “This has to change”! All of this paper was just scooped up and tossed in the trash. What a waste. I decided right then that next year I was going to make a change. I wanted to share with you guys 3 Eco-Friendly gift wrapping ideas.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping using Chalk Couture

Jazz up a Storage Box by making your own wrapping paper:

Did you know that you can use Chalk Transfer™ and Chalkology™ Paste on card stock? Yup, you surely can but before you start chalking you’ve gotta make sure that you FUZZ, FUZZ, FUZZ and FUZZ again. Seriously, these transfers are sticky and you want to make sure that majority of the stickiness is gone and it’s only slightly tacky so that it stays in place on your box. Don’t worry, when you wash your transfers and let it dry the stickiness will return. The Chalk Transfer™ were designed to be used 8-12 times. I used the Holiday Tree Pattern to create a “wrapping paper“ effect by chalking directly onto this storage box.

Eco-Friendly gift wrapping using Chalk Couture

Upscycle a Wooden box:

I found these wooden boxes and instantly fell in love with them. They didn’t exactly fit my color scheme so decided to change them up a bit. I initially painted the box black and white with acrylic paint. I then added a fun gift tag using the Christmas Story Collection—Gift Tags transfer.

Eco-Friendly gift wrapping using Chalk Couture

Gift Sacks:

Santa doesn’t have to be the only one to deliver gifts in a sack. The Chalk Transfer™ paired with the Chalkology™ Ink is the perfect match to create a fun design on your gift sacks. Best of all these sacks comes in a huge variety of sizes and colors. If you don’t have inks you can also use Chalkology™ Paste. Just know that if you use paste on your gift sack it’s for decorative purposes only and can not be washed or your design will come off. I used the North Pole Postmark transfer on my mini canvas sack.

I can’t wait to start shopping so I can wrap my gifts. I would love to see the ways you use Chalk Couture to create eco-friendly gift wrappings.


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