How To Use Chalk Couture: A Beginners Guide

I will admit it, sometimes I have my blinders on and I forget the majority of those coming in contact with Chalk Couture are experiencing it for the first time. The products and the process is simple to use but there can still be a few questions. For example: What tools do I need? Do I let the paste dry before I pull up the transfer? What is a transfer? etc. I figured I would put together a fun little Chalk Couture beginners guide so that you can dive into all of the Creative Fun.


Chalk Transfers™: Think stencils 2.0. Seriously these things are amazing!!! They are adhesive, reusable 8-12 times, and have a silk screen which gives you an amazing smooth finish. The adhesive makes the transfer stray put (so no need to tape it down).

Chalkology™ Paste: It’s specially formulated for use with Chalk Transfers™ and Chalk Couture™ surfaces but can also be applied to other nonporous surfaces such as mirrors, windows, glass, painted walls, and painted furniture. When it dries it’s a hard, matte finish but wipes away with water when you are ready to swap out your designs

Chalkology™ Ink: It’s specially formulated for use with Chalk Transfers™ and Chalk Couture™ surfaces. The ink offers permanent color when heat set and is ideal for fabric, apparel, and glass.

Fuzzing: This is when you place the sticky side of your Chalk Transfers™ onto a fuzzing cloth (or towel). This is done to take away a bit of the sticky so that when you pull up your Chalk Transfers™ you do not stretch it out.

What do I need?

If this is your very first order you will need a few essential items in order to complete your design. A squeegee (the angled squeegee is my favorite), Chalk Transfers™, Chalkology™ Paste or Chalkology™ Ink and your surface of choice. The Chalk Box™ Kits are an amazing way for first-timers and anyone else to get everything they need to create a project. The Chalk Box™ Kits come with a Chalk Transfers™, Chalkology™ Paste Singles and a Surface. You will need to add a small squeegee onto your order.

How do you apply? The application is simple. It’s an easy 4 step process Peel, Fuzz, Paste, Remove.

Peel your Chalk Transfer™ off of the white backing paper. Pull top to bottom, NEVER at an angle ( this could cause stretching). The back side of the Chalk Transfer™ will be slightly sticky. Do not dispose of the backer sheet. You will place the Chalk Transfer™ on there once you are done so you can reuse it.

Fuzz your Chalk Transfers™ to mellow the stickiness. This step is super important when working with glass or similar surfaces. To “fuzz” simply place the sticky side down onto a fuzzing cloth picking up a small amount of fuzz.

Press and smooth out the fuzzed Chalk Transfer™ onto the surface. Using a squeegee, quickly apply a thin layer of Chalkology™ Paste or Chalkology™ Ink onto your design. Scrape off any excess.

Immediately remove your Chalk Transfers™ from the surface. You DO NOT want to let your paste dry before you remove. It dries fast so don’t wait around. Wash your Chalk Transfers™ under warm water using a board eraser and lay it sticky side up to dry. Once it’s dry return it to the backer paper. Store it flat.

I hope this helps all of the first-timers out there. Make sure you visit my site where I post tutorial videos as well as decor inspiration. Feel free to message me with any question. I can’t wait to see what you create.