Is Chalk Couture worth the Hype?

So, to be completely honest before becoming a Designer with Chalk Couture I had never used any type of stencils for crafting (except for those old school plastic ones that you put your pencil in the hole and swirled it around to make fun star designs). When I first tried the product I had nothing else to compare it to, so of course I thought this was the best product since sliced bread. After being a Designer for the past year I figured if I'm going to tell people "Chalk Couture has the best products and that there is nothing else that compares to it out on the market" it was time I put my money where my mouth was. I found these Adhesive Silkscreen Stencils from my local craft store and decide I would do a little comparison. Here is what I found......


Chalk Couture: The transfer worked with the paste perfectly. Once I pulled up the transfer I had a very crisp design with no bleeding .

Stencil: The stencil also worked great with the chalk paste. The packaging did not specify which medium was to be used with the stencil. The picture on the package was an example on what could be a canvas bag. I would assume inks or fabric paints were used.


Chalk Couture: The transfers were supper sticky and really adhered to the surface. I literally had to use my other hand to hold down my surface when I removed it.

Stencil: It was sticky and adhered to the surface. It came up super easily.


Chalk Couture:The transfers are designed to use 8-10 times. After washing and drying the transfer I could totally use it that many times for new projects.

Stencil: I washed and dried it in the same manner and it was still a bit sticky but I felt like I could only get one more use out of it before the stickiness was completely gone. It did not say it was meant to be used more than once.

Final thoughts: I did find it strange that there was a "Warning" label on the back of the store bought stencils. It said the product shouldn't be used by children under 14. Chalk Couture doesn't have an age requirement. My daughter has even used it when she was only 4 years old without any issues. While the design created with both products turned out great I still find that the Chalk Couture product is a better quality and you get more bang for your buck. With the Chalk Couture transfer I could use it multiple times to recreate the design seasonally, or even make gifts or items to sell. To see the products in action check out my comparison video here.