Watts of Love

 Watts of Love delivers solar lights plus micro-business and resource training to areas of the world that face extreme poverty. In these areas, most homes are lit by dangerous kerosene lamps that often cause burns, asthma or other breathing ailments. Today, more than 1 billion people live without electricity, so when the sun goes down, the work day and study day ENDS. Through its innovative, affordable, renewable solar lighting, Watts of Love is able to turn dark to light—eliminating the need for kerosene fuel, which can increase a family’s income by 30%. Watts of Love teaches light recipients how to use that reclaimed income to invest in new resources, such as buying an animal, starting a business or sending their children to school. All of this breaks a chain of poverty that is transforming lives, one family and one home at a time. To learn more about this extraordinary organization, visit wattsoflove.org